Monday, January 21, 2013

Paige's 3 month scans

Paige received her 3 month scans January 10th and they came back clear.  Nothing has changed with the tumor so it is still just a ball of scar tissue.  Her nasal bone is still growing back, from the tumor "eating" it.  So we are sooooo HAPPY!!  She will now go to scans every 6 months.  :)  On the drive home, it was CRAZY!  Paige was throwing up, we forgot to have them put zofran in her line so she wouldn't get nauseated and we forgot to bring our own. Plus it was a terrible snow storm and we couldn't see anything.  There were so many cars on the road and they were getting stuck, cars were sliding everywhere!.  It took us 5 hours to get home, normally it take a little over 2!  Anyways, we made it back!

 Oh so tired after those long scans!  SHe woke up during the MRI and I could hear her crying for me.  It was sad :(  They gave her more anesthesia so it took her forever to wake up!
I took this picture to send to one of my friends to show her how bad the roads were, so I just figured I would post it. Hahaha  :)

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